Under the leadership of PKA WORLDWIDE CEO Joe Corley, PKA became an iconic name in professional martial arts on television and around the world.

PKA presented more than 1,000 hours of programming on ABC, CBS and NBC Networks, on ESPN, Turner Sports, USA Network and SHOWTIME channels.

Today, PKA is both a membership-based organization and a consultant for top-level martial arts schools.

In addition, Joe Corley, on behalf of PKA WORLDWIDE, presents Leadership Seminars to corporations interested in building the synergy and intense spirit of success found in the martial arts’ top-level instructors and competitors.

“We share with the corporations the training techniques great trainers and fighters use to develop the strong spirit fighters have had to develop to be successful in business as TEAM LEADERS of today or tomorrow. We focus on SYNERGY, the 6th Habit in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People–“Very empowering, practical and productive!”, Master Corley said. See his 21 Punches to Synergy overview, link below, and call nowfor scheduling Master Corley at your corporate gathering….404-502-3777